Familiar and learn
from each other.

OBS Passe-Partout is a modern school in a
new residential area Nesselande in Rotterdam.

Da Vinci Education

Special education for highly gifted
students to prevent getting lost in
the regular education system.

Bilingual education

Students receive lessons in English
from an age of 4. 30%-50% of all
lessons are given in English.

Enhancing talents

Besides this, all students work independently,
during which personalised instruction
can be given on the basic skills.

talents in development
years of existince
small groups
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Who are we.

The pride of the school is the peace, regularity and atmosphere that prevail on Passe-Partout. An important principle of Passe-Partout is that every child, regardless of origin or religion, gets equal opportunities.

News for Parents

OBS Passe-Partout

Address Marcel Duchampplein 802, 3059RD Rotterdam

Information videos
OBS Passe-Partout.

On this page a few videos about OBS Passe-Partout are to be found. The first video is general information. The other four videos give you a view of the different key points of our school.

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