Privacy Declaration.

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At our school we handle the privacy of our students carefully. Everything in connection with tutoring the student, the guidance received, general information in the administration of the school, in other words everything about and of the student needs to be recorded. This information is called personal data. The recording and use of the personal data is limited to information that is strickly necessary for the education of the child. This information is secured safely and access to it is limited. We use digital material. The suppliers of this material receive a limited amount of student information. Our School Management has strickt agreements with the suppliers about the use of personal data, to prevent abuse. Student information is only shared with another organisation if parents have given permission, unless the exchange is required by law.

During the processing of personal data, we keep the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). On processing personal data, the Privacy statement of our School Management, foundation BOOR, is applicable. The Privacy Declaration (privacyverklaring) states how the school must handle the personal data, and the rights of the parents and students.

If you have questions or remarks about the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) and the privacy declaration, you may contact the Privacy Ambassador of our school by means of a mail to:

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