Who we are.

OBS Passe-Partout is a modern school in a
new residential area Nesselande in Rotterdam.

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A public school, what does that mean? It means that every child and every teacher is welcome at our school, regardless of their social, cultural or philosophical background. Your child is therefore very welcome! At our school, children learn from an early age, to respect the opinions and convictions of others. We actively pay attention to the similarities and differences between children, without preferences for one specific opinion. Our school pays attention to, and offers the space to each child and each teacher to develop themselves.

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Noortje van de Laar


Op Passe-Partout werkt een betrokken en enthousiast team van leerkrachten, onderwijsassistenten, intern begeleiders, vakexperts, ondersteunend personeel en directie. Samen zorgen wij voor een sterk onderwijsklimaat en een fijne sfeer.

Who we are.

Passe-Partout wants to contribute to the development of independent, self-reflecting and responsible world citizens. A school where each talent has the space to develop.

Each child must feel appreciated and respected. We highly value clear rules, creating a sense of security and regularity. In this type of environment, children can develop and concentrate best without wasted energy on distractions.

The pillars of our school.

Passe-Partout represents educational innovation. New insights and methods are applied as soon as their value and effectiveness are proven.

21th century skills

By working thematically, the children absorb these skills naturally. In this way the higher thinking skills are stimulated.

Bilingual eduction

From the age of 4-years the children are provided through play activities in English. We work thematically and English is integrated into the themes in all groups. All children receive 30%-50% of lessons in English.

Working towards higher results

Our most important taks as school is to get the children to achieve the highest possible results within their ability. Our instruction is given on three levels.

Differentiated eduction

We are specialised in teaching highly gifted children.

21 th century skills.

Circle 21century passepartout

To prepare the child adequately for the future, we teach them 21st century skills. That requires an inquisitieve attitute and we connect to this in our educational design through themes.

Technology has greatly changed the way we live and work together. Many occupations require another or new competences, such as 21st century skills.

Besides the Dutch language, maths and the core subjects, we also provide the child with skills such as problem-solving, working together, ict-knowledge, creativity and critical thinking, communication and social and cultural skills. To develop these skills, the child needs to be involved, venturous and inquisitive.

Multiple intelligence is the learning theory which forms the basis of our methods of teaching. This learning theory was developed by professor Gardner.

During the past years our school has developed enormously. This can be observed in our profile, in which we connect Differentiated Education with highly gifted children. This is based on the expertise in giving suitable eduction to highly gifted children, such as Minerva-children (gifted children) and the Da Vinci-children (highly gifted children with an extra need for specialised care), working with extra enrichment tasks within their groups.


Public Primary School Passe-Partout is a school that is leterally and figuratively situated in the middle of the Rotterdam suburb of Nesselande. We work together with the Child Care Centre.

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