Registration of
a new student:

OBS Passe-Partout highly values contact with parents. Parents are involved at school in various areas and are given the opportunity to brainstorm with us on specially organised evenings.

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New students are more than welcome at Passe-Partout. To enable parents to form a complete picture of our school, all parents are invited to a personal introductory meeting. During this meeting you will receive detailed information about the school, given a guided tour through the school and receive the registration forms.

For the parents there are various possibilities of communication:

Parental portal.

OBS Passe-Partout works by means of a parental portal. This is the main means of communication between parents and the school. Through this privacy is guaranteed. All parents need to register on the Parental Portal to be able to receive information.

Representative Advisory Board (MR).

Every school should have a Representative Advisory Board. Through this board, the parents and employees have an influence on the Policy of School. The consultation with this board is done under the authorised supervision of the school principal. The Representative Advisory Board has discussions with the school management about the budget of school, the school plan, the safety inside the school and on the schoolyard and the division of tasks among the team, amongst other topics. The Representative Advisory Board at our school has 9 members and meets 8 times per year. As a parent you are more than welcome to attend these public meetings.

Contacting the Representative Advisory Baord is possible via


Parent involvement / Parent Council (OR).

The Parent Council (OR) is set up as an executive body in agreement with the Representative Advisory Board (MR). It is their task to give parent involvement an extra stimulance and to coordinate activities and celebrations. A Foundation is established for the management of the Parent Contributions.

Under chairmanship of het Parent Council, workgroups are established to organise celebrations such as St.Nicholas, Christmas and a school trip.

Besides that, there are a few feedback groups of parents, whom would like to brainstorm with the management about the education.

Contact Parent Council (OR) to enrol via

Schools on the map.

For more insight into the school guide or accountability documents, we refer you the site of Scholen op de Kaart. On this site you can find the inspection assessment.

Several protocols are also found on this site, as well as the code of conduct applicable to our school.

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